Heartfelt hospitality

Our tradition in Hotel Menge in Sauerland

Menge an der Schlacht has been in existence since 1833. That is not only a lot of years but also a lot of stories and many people. The origins of our family and Menge an der Schlacht are described by one of our ancestors as following: “The old Town of Arnsberg, from 1100 at the foot of the Grafenburg, situated high above the Ruhr Valley, was not known to have a well in the chalky soil of the hill. Rainwater collected in cisterns and water from the Ruhr River was transported in barrels and supplied to the townspeople.” This procedure was called Wasserschlacht and thus the name Menge an der Schlacht was coined.

An Arnsberg hotel rich in tradition

In the Early Middle Ages, the town built its first waterworks on the Ruhr River at the foot of the Schlossberg. By means of an embankment, a so-called Schlacht, the water in the riverbed was dammed near the present-day Hotel Menge. It flowed through an open ditch to a Wasserkunst, a sort of pumping station. Using the force of the flowing water, often supported by the muscle power of donkeys and dogs turning treadmills, the water was pressed into a pipe made of wooden planks. The water was pumped 45 metres higher up to the town into a large basin. From here on until 1810, this was how water was supplied to the town of Arnsberg.

Around the middle of the 17th century Potentin Menge was the Wassermeister (Water Master) of the town of Arnsberg. In 1833 the economist Engelbert Menge resettled due to displacement by the building of the Königstraße. He built his new house, at that time far outside the town, close to the old embankment on the new country road towards Soest. It became Menge an der Schlacht.

The start of an agricultural enterprise

Thus, the foundation stone for the enterprise was laid. Initially run as a farm, the economist Engelbert Menge soon realised the good location on the new arterial road towards Soest and opened a pub for farmers. Initially run as a farm, the economist Engelbert Menge soon realised the good location on the new arterial road towards Soest and opened a pub for farmers. This pub was kept going for many generations and was the only building on the Ruhrstraße to survive the First as well as the Second World War without being damaged.

Building the hotel after the Second World War

Shortly after the Second World War, Norbert Menge, who had just come of age, inherited the farm and pub from his father, who had died young, and started, together with his wife Gisela, to renovate the business. Not only were the refreshments at the pub steadily increased with meals, but also the farm was given-up and replaced by a hotel. From now on the focus was on offering the people of Arnsberg, as well as travellers, heartfelt hospitality and comfort. Constant extensions, conversions and renovations resulted in a down-to-earth and authentic pub restaurant as well as a hotel with 18 rooms.

Hotel & Restaurant Menge is run by Christoph Menge

Christoph Menge, the son of Norbert Menge, commenced as head chef at the end of the 80s after completing an apprenticeship and gaining experience in star gastronomy. It immediately became apparent that Christoph and his wife Monika Menge had set their priorities on running the restaurant and serving good food. They paved the way to turn the pub restaurant into an authentic and down-to-earth restaurant while maintaining high standards and bringing outstanding regional produce to the table.

A family-run hotel in Arnsberg

Thus, over generations, the Hotel and Restaurant Menge in Sauerland were made into what they are today. A family-run hotel with customised rooms and a cosy atmosphere. With a restaurant, that not only offers individual service and outstanding products, but also promotes sustainability by creatively integrating local produce from our Sauerland region and therefore never stands still.