About us

Herzliche Heimat

We want our guests to enjoy special moments and to feel at home due to our warm as well as personal service. We strive to let you sense our family tradition in Arnsberg and our home, the Sauerland region, in our hotel as well as on your taste buds! Feel free to read about our team, the tradition of our house and our beautiful town of Arnsberg.

Nachhaltige Natur

We make sure that, through our local partners, we include as much home-grown and sustainable produce from organic and ecologic cultivation in our restaurant as possible and, through culinary craftmanship, use the ingredients to enrich our kitchen. Thereby using neither artificial aromas nor additives but rather focusing on the distinct and honest taste of the individual products.

Aufregender Anspruch

We are committed to providing creative cuisine and good service through constant innovation and dedication. Thereby keeping our curiosity and settling only for quality.

It would give us great pleasure to greet you as our guest!

What are we most proud of? Our long-standing members of staff! Our eleven permanent staff members have been with us in our establishment collectively for over one hundred years. In addition, at the head of our family, Granny Gisela leads with good spirits.

For us, this family-run business and especially the loyalty of the staff members are immensely important. This togetherness ensures binding relationships within our team and assures quality. The aim is to authentically convey this quality to you so that you feel comfortable in our hotel.


Head Chef and




Junior Hostess


Granny Menge
The heart and soul of the house

Dirk Bilke

Chef de Partie

Ronny Weidlich

Chef de Partie

Carlos Miguel da Silva Ribeiro

Chef de Rang

Nadine Popien


Tania Patrizia da Silva Almeida


Hildegard Höppe

Breakfast service