High standards

Only the best quality for you

There is no accounting for taste but taste itself determines the quality of our restaurant. Hence each guest perceives our quality in a different way and makes their own assessment. We believe, nevertheless, to have found the three most important factors for our quality that enable each guest to experience a special moment.
The first factor is individual service. We work all the time on giving our guests a pleasant and memorable experience.

Basic ingredients of the highest quality

Factor number two is the produce we use. If the basic ingredients are already of the highest quality and from our tested home region, then the first step has been taken for an exceptionally finished product.

Honest handwork

The third factor is honest handwork. Gastronomy and hotel business is, when carried out correctly, a handwork. We love our handwork and view it as a proper skill. In the kitchen everything is homemade and handmade, from meat dishes to sauces, from soups to vegetable dishes and from ice cream to biscuits. Naturally made without the use of any artificial aromas or additives and delicious due to the experience and knowledge of our kitchen team.
In our hotel we also apply these three quality factors as a guideline in order to let the guest feel the standards we set ourselves on a daily basis. As a family-run business we have regular contact with our guests and can, by means of direct feedback, continuously improve ourselves and enhance our individual service.

Enjoy a good quality sleep

Of particular importance to us is naturally the good quality sleep of our guests. This is why we have no standard mattresses in our rooms, but luxurious mattresses from Treca and FBF with soft toppers for heavenly dreams. It goes without saying that the mattresses as well as the duvets are suitable for people with allergies.

Regional products

The regional products and their skilled preparation can be directly observed on our breakfast buffet. Of over eighty products, a large proportion are from the Sauerland region and many are homemade. From Bircher Muesli and berry smoothies to rice pudding and fruit with quark (a German curd cheese), marmalade, cake and much more.

Our events

Don’t just believe what we say

In our line of business, restaurant and travel guides are the official measure of all things. Even if they are of limited importance to us and we much prefer to hear opinions directly from our guests, they are still an indicator for continual quality. We are therefore very proud to be listed in the largest and most important seven international restaurant guides, such as Michelin, Feinschmecker, Gusto or Gault Millau. That alone is a rarity when you consider that only 7% of all restaurants run in Germany can lay claim to this distinction.

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