Economy for the Common Good in Hotel & Restaurant Menge

“The economy for the Common Good (ECG) is an innovative, sustainable economic model that advocates an ethical economic culture. As an alternative to current economic understanding, it builds on the values of human dignity, ecological responsibility, solidarity, social justice, democratic participation and transparency.

Behind the Economy for the Common Good stands the conviction that the pressing challenges of our time – from the scarcity of resources to the climate crisis, from the loss of biodiversity to the large gap between the rich and the poor – are the result of capitalism and can only be resolved holistically and systematically. As a sustainable economic system, the Economy for the Common Good offers an alternative with specific tools.”

Dear Guests,

We have dared to take the first step in the direction of Economy for the Common Good and have successfully completed our first balance sheet.

We are incredibly proud to have taken this step and look forward to continuing down this path.

Good things take time, and we want to take one step at a time, with quality over quantity, to orientate our Hotel & Restaurant Menge more and more toward common good.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, then please speak directly to the Junior Hotel Manager Friederike Menge.